Playing Since 1974
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A bit of history.In 1974 a core group of Middletown parents and kids began playing soccer.  In 1985, now with about 500 players, Middletown Youth Soccer was incorporated in Connecticut as a 501(3)(c) (non-profit) organization.  By 2005 MYS had over 1100 players on 61 teams playing over 300 games per Fall season.  In addition there are Spring and Fall travel team leagues that play another 80 games.

Who are we now?
Middletown Youth Soccer represents a cross section of the community we live in.  Over 1200 of your kids, your neighbors, your friends, your business associates play soccer, coach soccer or just volunteer to make the whole thing happen.

In the fall of 2012 we have start our premier club Sporting CT which grow into one of the best clubs in CT with over 350 players playing year around. To learn more about this program visit our club website