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Sponsorship opportunity with MYS
by posted 06/13/2019

Hello Everyone,

We are super excited to open up our Sponsorship Opportunities where we welcome businesses like yours to promote their quality services and products to a much bigger audience who could potentially become your loyal and returning customers. Often times businesses fail due to their lack of being promoted in front of their niche customers base. We are confident that by advertising with us,  you'll gain a greater customer audience who's ready to learn more about your business and use your products and services. We have kept all our pricing very low so small business can afford it. 

Having a great location and a state of the art turf field facility it's a great opportunity to attract potential customers for your business. Each day we get over a hundred people walking at our outdoor facility and lots more over the weekend from CT, NY, NJ, MA, VT and other states and many local clubs from our area. Our field is located at 395 Country Club Road in Middletown and we are super proud of our location and how easy is to get to it. 

If you are looking for a prime spot to advertise your business, look no further. We provide sponsorship opportunities for your business starting at $650/year where you get one banner 3 by 5 feet on our field and your business logo on our MYS and Sporting CT website starting on July 1, 2019. 

We are in the process of looking for partnerships and if you are interested please contact Goran Vasic at for further details. We are a 503c non-profit organization. 

Contract Length & Price: 

  • 1 year - $650
  • 2 years - $1,200 (save $100) 


  • Email us your logo details in JPEG and PDF
  • We can add your logo from any starting date 
  • All checks have to be made to: Middletown Youth Soccer, P.O Box 852, Middletown, CT 06457. 
  • Our $650 banner fee includes your custom banner as well. 


  • Over 10,000+ monthly site visitors
  • Over 1 million+ total site hits since 2012
  • Over 1,000 active monthly users
  • 34 Sporting Premier Teams + SOL GVSA Summer Select Teams
  • Each weekend over 20+ games played 
  • Hosting 30+ games per weekend during the fall and spring season
  • A high customer retention rate of 90%+ of returning customers. 
  • Over 16,500+ emails in our database.
  • Over 500 kids in MYS park and rec leagues and travel program each year



MYS Director of Coaching

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GVSA Summer Camps 2019
by posted 04/10/2019

GVSA Middletown CT park & rec camps are desired for players that want to improve their skills and have fun in good learning environmental setting. Next camp is July 15-19th at 360 Long Hill road fields in Middletown CT 06457

Registration is open this link…/webtrac.wsc/search.html click on youth program then activity number  370370.

To learn more about coach Goran academy visit


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Sporting CT Summer Camps 2019
by posted 04/10/2019


Our Sporting CT 2019 Summer Camps  are open for registration at our website click on register now orange link and choose week or weeks you would like to sign up your kids.

Summer Camps 2019 Schedule


We have designed each camp with our players needs in mind. We want to help players work on their weaknesses while improving on their strengths so they can become better players. We will outline the camps topics and dates so you can plan accordingly and attend all or the camps that best fit your players' needs. 


1. Summer Camp Week 1 (July 8 - 12)

​This camp is designed for players looking to improve their skills  The goal of this week's camp curriculum is to create confident, skillful players on the ball capable of making good decisions and recognizing 2v1 & 3v2 situations in all areas of the field.  Our staff will create a fun, challenging, competitive atmosphere that encourages players to take risks with the ball, expands their comfort zone and improves confidence in competitive situations.  

Camp Times:

Half Day: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

​Full Day: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

​Topics for each day will also include:

  • ​Ball Mastery
  • Fakes & Turns
  • ​Dribbling to Penetrate
  • ​Escape Pressure & Possess the Ball
  • ​Passing & Receiving both on the floor and in the air with a view to maintaining possession.
  • ​Ball Striking & Finishing
  • Individual Defending
  • ​Small Sided Games

​Our final day will see a variety of small sided games tournaments (2v2 thru 8v8 formats), allowing players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills in a competitive situation for parents & friends who choose to attend.



2. Summer Camp Week 2 (July 22 - 26) 

​The main focus of this week of camp for the field players, is to focus on the ball striking and shooting technique.  The Goalkeeper curriculum will emphasize technical foundations, footwork, handling, diving and all other aspects of the goalkeeper position.  The combined curriculum is geared towards creating a fun and competitive environment where players & goalkeepers challenge each other on different skills related to finishing during each day's camp session.  If you're looking to get better in- or in front of goal, this is the camp for you!

​Open to all players 6-14

​Camp Times

Half Day: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

​Full Day: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

​Topics for the Ball Striking camp will include:

  • Ball Striking/Shooting
  • Crossing/Finishing
  • Long Passing & Long Range Shooting
  • 1v1 Finishing situations
  • Improvisational finishing techniques

​Topics for the Goalkeeping will include:

  • Basic Handling
  • Footwork
  • Diving
  • Handling Crosses
  • Point Blank Shot Stopping
  • 1v1's & Breakaways

Our final day of camp will see a variety of small sided game tournaments (2v2-8v8 formats) allowing players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and abilites for friends and family who choose to attend.



Summer Evening Camp - From 5-8PM @ Sports on 66 (July 15 - 19)


We want to invite you to our summer camp at Sports on 66 arena 265 West High street East Hampton CT for a FUN and CHALLENGING week of training to kick-start our fall season!  This camp is open to players of all levels between 5 & 14 years of age.  Our professional coaching staff will help facilitate a smooth week full of skill development, shooting technique, small sided games and many more fun activities that will help engage our players physically and socially.



Half Day: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


​Topics of the day for the camp: ​(Sample Week)


  • Monday​ ​- Ball Mastery, Fakes & Turns, Dribbling to penetrate (1v1 situations)
  • Tuesday ​- Numbers games (2v2, 3v3, etc...)
  • ​Wednesday ​- Possession & SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness)
  • Thursday ​- Striking & Finishing
  • Friday​ - World Cup Day (Small Sided Games)


Our final day will see a variety of small sided games tournaments played (4v4, 6v6 or 8v8 per format) allowing players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and abilities to family and friends who choose to attend.



265 West High street East Hampton CT




3. Summer Camp Week 3 (Aug 5-9)

​This camp will serve as the main pre-season camp for all Sporting CT players for the 2019-20 seasonal year.  The primary focus will be on the physical condition and preparation of the players to improve strength, speed, coordination, balance and quickness.  The goal of this camp is to have each player see gains in their physical performance to better sustain a high level of play throughout the course of the year.  This will include SAQ excercsie, soccer specific conditioning and ball skills - the ball will not be neglected!!!  The demands of this camp are to push you harder, further and faster than anywhere else.  Proper warmup, cooldown and body maintenance will be addressed to develop good individual fitness habits and prevent injury.  This is a great camp to get players into shape, connect with teammates and prepare for the season in a fun and competitive environment!

​Open to all players age 6-14.

​Camp Times:

Half Day: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Full Day: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

​Topics for the week will also include:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Fakes & Turns
  • Dribbling to Penetrate (1v1 situations!)
  • Escape pressure and keeping possession
  • Passing & Receiving both on the floor and in the air with a view to maintaining possession
  • Ball Striking & Finishing
  • Individual & Group Defending
  • Small Sided Games

Our final day will see a variety of small sided games tournaments (2v2-8v8 formats) to allow the players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and abilities to friends and family who may choose to attend.



4. Summer Camp Week 4 (Aug 12 - 16)

​In high level games, tactics are often the difference.  This camp will emphasize the importance of tactics - the roles and responsibilities of each player during each phase of the game - and strives to teach the players good habits when reading the game to make effective choices to benefit their team.  The secondary influence of this camp will be to push players to use and apply these tactical scenarios in a free-play environment where structured, small-sided and large sided games are the norm.  Scenario based games - game management challenges, playing numbers up vs numbers down, winning or losing late in the match - will be the vehicle through which these ideas are conveyed and imprinted on the players' learning.  This will also serve as the LAST BLAST camp for Sporting CT Players looking to get a week of training in prior to their season starting for fall.

​Open to all players age 6-14

​Camp Times:

Half Day 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Full Day 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

​Topics for this camp will also include:

  • Ball Mastery, Fakes & Turns
  • Dribbling to Penetrate vs Possess
  • Ball Striking & Finishin​g
  • ​Individual & Group Defending
  • ​Small Sided Games

Our final day will see a variety of small sided games tournaments played (2v2-8v8 formats) to allow the players to showcase their newly acquired skills and abilities to family and friends who choose to attend.


5. High School Pre-Season Evening Prep Camp (Mercy, Xavier & Middletown High): (Aug 12-16, 2019)

This camp will provide a last chance for preseason preparation for those who want the week of training.. This is a more complex camp where we want to make sure players understand their roles in various situation of the game. The coaches will focus on offering their knowledge thru different training sessions where players will later be allowed to freely experience what they learned in a FREE play environment. Applying what you learn in a FUN and FREE environment is what learning is all about. This camp will truly help players develop their tactical understanding of the game so they can perform better for their teams during the season. 


Camps Length

Half Day - 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Topics for each camp will also include:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Fakes & Turns
  • Dribbling to Penetrate
  • Escape Pressure & Possess the ball
  • Passing & Receiving both on the floor and in the air with a view to maintaining possession
  • Striking and Finishing
  • Individual Defending 
  • Small sided games


Our final day will see a variety of small sided game tournaments played (2v2, 4v4, 6v6 & 8v8) allowing players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and abilities in front of all family members and friends.



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CCR Field #1 Announcement
by posted 03/29/2019

Middletown Youth Soccer, Family Members

We are proud to announce that after providing the City of Middletown all requested documents,on Monday March 25th, 2019
we have started the conversion of our existing soccer field #1 in to a much needed 24/7 field.
The construction will take approximate two months,we will monitor the work as progresses day by day.
Many of our members have helped in various capacities, from attending meetings with the city, to prepare documents, updating maps,etc.etc..
Also thanks to many of our members for helping in fundraising events, thanks to our sponsors and our directors for providing a downpayment and a suitable financing for the project that we funding 100%.
When we build the Country Club facility, years ago, we dreamed to have a 24/7 field for our members, well, dream is coming true !!

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Middletown Magic Director of Coaching
by posted 01/29/2018

MYS is happy to announced that coach Carl Lombardo will take responsability as Middletown Magic Director of Coaching starting July 1st 2018. Coach Carl Lombardo has impressive playing resume. He start to play soccer in MYS league back in the days with his father as coach. Then he went to play for Oakwood Soccer club where he played for most of his youth soccer career. He was All American 1st team player and the most scoring leader in CT High School history with Vinal Tech High School.

He continue to play in college for Division 1 University of Ohio where he was selected for 4 various All Tournament Teams.

Coach Carl was ODP Regional 1 player as well.

Carl Lombardo follow his great soccer expirience with good coaching soccer education. He curently hold USSF B Coaching License.

He was coach for youth clubs in CT and Ohio

Oakwood Soccer Club -CT

CFC Rocky Hill - CT

Sporting CT -CT

Middletown Magic- CT

Arsenal Soccer club - Ohio

Carl Lombardo was Rocky Hill High school coach and Ohio ODP coach.

We are lucky to have person like coach Carl in our programs, he will continue to coach for both our Magic and Sporting CT teams in upcoming fall season. We are looking forward to put the best possible group of coaches for kids in our program and will continue to update you with more great news in upcoming days...

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Middletown Youth Soccer - Director of Coaching
by posted 01/14/2018


Dear MYS and Magic Families,

I wanted to inform you about my new position in the club as Executive Director of Sporting CT and how this will affect my involvement in Middletown Youth Soccer and Magic. I will continue to be the Middletown Youth Soccer Director of Coaching and I will make sure we have good coaching in both Park and Rec. and on each Magic Team. We know how important all teams are for our club. Without both Park and Rec and Magic we would not have a strong club.

We will continue to provide the same programs for Park and Rec and we will keep the same age groups for Magic for the fall season. Our Magic teams and players will have the opportunity to join all clinics, camps and summer teams that will be offerred by  Sporting CT.   All coaches that are currenlty under Magic will continue to coach in the upcoming fall season as well. We will have coaches that will coach both Sporting and Magic teams. This will allow the coaches to find talented children and bring them up to the next level of competition.

We are working on my replacement as Magic Director and we will inform all parents when this happens. I will continue to be the Director until the end of the spring season.  I want to thank all of the players, coaches and parents for the last six years.  We had an unbelievable run with three Connecticut Cup wins and a fourth team that made it to the Connecticut Cup finals. We won numerous tournaments and, most importantly, we produced many great players that are now playing, not only in our club, but also in other premier teams and academies in CT.

I want to thank you for your loyalty. It was a privilege and honor to get know all of you and to work with you these past six years. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.  My email address is and my cell number is 201 532-3778.


Goran Vasic

MYS Director of Coaching

Executive Director Sporting CT

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December 7th 2018 Middletown Magic 2007 boys day!!!
by posted 12/07/2017

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew host our Middletown Magic 2007 white boys team yesterday and proclaim December 7th 2018 as Middletown Magic u11 boys day!!!!!

Great job coach Hector Ballesteros, Assistant coach Chris Stone and all players for outstanding fall season..

We are so proud of all your acchievements and looking forward for more good news coming in near future.



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Middletown Magic 2007 Boys CT Cup Champions
by posted 11/06/2017

Congratulations to Coach Hector Ballesteros, Assistant Coach Christopher Stone, all players and parents from Middletown Magic 2007 white boys team on bringing another CT Cup trophy to our organization. We are so proud of your success and the way you played and represent our MYS this fall season!!! GO Magic!!!

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MYS Travel Teams in Farmington tournament
by posted 09/03/2017

Good showing for our Middletown Magic teams in Nike Bernie Ward Labor Day Shootout tournament this weekend.

Our youngest teams 2009 and 2008 boys had opportunity to learn new rules and systems of play and get better with each game they played.

Our 2007 boys had a win, tie and 3-2 defeat in premier level competation.

Our 2007 girls show a lot of courage and talent showing us that they will be very good soccer team going into fall season.

Our 2006 boys had good day one and felt short in both games they played in day two.

Our 2006 girls team regroup after tough lost against FSA in first game and won next 3 games to become back to back Champions second year in the row!!!!

Our 2007 black boys team will be representing us in Windsor tournament October 7-8th.

Good luck to all teams in upcoming fall season and keep working hard to achieve your goals.. Go Magic!!!!!!


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FSA Indoor Champions Magic 2006 girls and 2007 boys
by posted 12/20/2016

Congratulation to Middletown Magic 2006 Girls and Middletown Magic 2007 white boys teams for winning FSA Arena Indoor session 1. We as club are so proud of both teams keep up good job.

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CJSA CT Cup back to back winners and runner up team
by posted 06/23/2016

Hello MYS Families,

Our U12 Travel boys program have won back to back CT Cup competition this year beating Farmington team 2-0 this past Saturday!!!!

Our U11 boys finish as runner up at their competition losing 2-0 to Farmington travel team!!

Our club is so proud of all of you for representing our club so well last few years and we wishing you all the best of luck if you staying with our Magic program or playing in premier level teams this coming fall!!!


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by posted 04/05/2016

Dear soccer families,

With tryouts and soccer registration underway we want to be sure all of you know what to expect signing your kids for our programs and to guide you in right directions here is information that you should know looking to sign up your children for fall season 2016/17.

We as club have 3 different programs that you can choose.

MYS park and rec league registration is open with (kids only play in the fall) no tryouts needed price $80 before June 1st ($20 extra after June 1st)uniforms are $37 extra they are given away on jamboree day.

MYS Magic Travel program where kids who are born from 2004 - 2009 can sign up and who will play fall and spring season as mandatory and 3 indoor sessions as optional.

Tryouts are mandatory to make team and you can register with this link Tryouts are May 23-27th 2016

Sporting CT our premier club where soccer is mandatory full year.  To make team you need to come to tryouts you can check tryouts dates at

Tryouts registration is mandatory with this link




How Often?

With Who?

Who do they play?

What Else?

Who is it for?


U6-U8 Academy



Year Round


Fall & Spring Country Club Rd

Winter – ASTC only

1 x training per week

Weekend Small Sided Games (Fall and Spring)

Fall: Professional Coach oversight but parent leads

Winter & Spring: Professional Staff Only

Each Other/Teams made up of players from within town



Open to All

Any young player looking to gain skills confidence and have fun.


Rec U9 & Above


Fall Only


Country Club Rd

2 x training per week

1 x weekend game

Professional Coach oversight but parent leads

Each Other/Teams made up of players from within town


Open to All

Any player who enjoys playing soccer but is not seeking to play at the next level.





Fall & Spring.

Winter is optional


Fall & Spring Various MYS Fields.

Winter –ASTC or School Gyms.

2 x training per week during Fall & Spring

1 x training per week during the Winter

Weekend Games

Travel Director Goran Vasic or a paid coach

Other Town Teams from around the Central/North Central District of the State. Additional competition may come during Connecticut Cup or tournament play.

Tryout Based

Fall/Spring seasons is mandatory

Winter Play is optional for Travel teams.

Tournament participations are additional or fund-raised.

Any good young player who wants to represent their town and learn new skills for whom soccer may or may not be priority















Year Round





Fall & Spring Various MYS Fields and Middletown High School.

Winter – ASTC for training, FSA for games






2 x training per week year round along with

Weekend Games across every season






Each team has their own Highly Qualified Professional Staff Coach as well as an Assistant (typically current collegiate player or recent graduate) during all practices and games






Other Elite Development Programs from anywhere within CT for League and Stat Cup play.  Within tournaments teams are played from all over the New England Region.

Tryout Based

Comprehensive program included in costs:

Fall/winter/spring seasons.

2x training sessions p/w year round.

3 sessions of league play at FSA during winter.

2-4 Tournaments depending upon age of team.

ALL sessions coached by professional coaches following the Sporting CT Annual Curriculum purposefully designed to follow our player development-first philosophy.

Seasonal evaluations for each player.

College pathways program.


Any Elite Young Player who wants to continue to learn and acquire new skills and understanding in an environment that will challenge them to excel. Whilst multi sport involvement is advocated across all age groups it is expected that Soccer will become the priority as people pass through the program.


Hope this answer some of your questions for park and rec and travel program call Goran Vasic at 201 532-3778 for Sporting CT program call Zach Eddinger at 860 604-4428

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by posted 11/09/2015

Middletown Magic U12 boys are winner of CT Cup fall season 2015. This is first time in MYS history that team have won CT Cup, what a great achievement for this group of talented kids. Out of 42 teams from all over CT that enter competition they made it to the number 1. They represent our club and city so well and we are so proud of emerging talent that is coming in our club and expect more trophies in near future for both our travel and premier teams!!!!!!



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by posted 05/21/2015

Dear Magic family,

We are happy to announce that starting fall season 2016/2017 all Middletown Magic teams will wear Nike uniforms.  If you need any additional staff for your kids check our online MAGIC store with link bellow.

All purchase will be online with this link

With our travel program becoming one of the best in CT we as club need to provide the best uniforms for our kids as well.

Yours in soccer,



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MYS Director of Coaching visit Portugal
by posted 03/26/2015

MYS Director of coaching Goran Vasic visit Portugal from March 13-22nd for his "A" Coaching license renewal. During the visit he was able to attend SL Benfica training center for 3 days, SCP Sporting Lisbon for day and FC Porto for two days. Had opportunity to watch first team practices and youth teams practices and learn how they produce top quality players from their academy to become super stars like Ronaldo, Figo, Nani and many more....

Coach Goran was extremely happy to represent and  share what we do in Middletown CT and how we run our club with park and recreation, Magic travel teams and our Sporting CT premier teams. Hope that one day will have super stars coming out of our club become college players, professional soccer players or National team players one day..






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