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by posted 03/23/2020

Hello Parents & Players


Hope everyone is staying safe & doing well through this difficult time. I wanted to reach out & make sure the boys can stay active when or if you will allow they them to get outside for a half hour or so? I would like them to make sure there are juggling for at least 10min or more, working on there touches as we do in practice & moves. They all who what we do because our 1st half hour is repeative since last fall so there is no excuses & they all should know the warm up. If they can I would like them to try to least do that 3-5 days a week if there able. If not I understand. 

This is a way for them to at least stay active & work on there touches & hopefully burn some energy. I'm sure this can help get them away from TV & video games for a little while also if weather permits it.

Also we will keep you informed as how as a club we are going to handle the near & distant future of our program!!!

Please stay safe & if you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me if needed?

Also please give my best the boys & if they want to chat, there more than welcome to call me..

860.916.9111 is my cell


Stay safe


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